Sunday, February 10, 2013

Christmas 201

Every year on Christmas Eve, Nana and Papou come over for a big dinner that's usually fish, lobster, mashed potatoes, veggies and rolls.  It's always so yummy and you feel so stuffed, this year was no different.  After we eat and the dishes are cleaned up presents appear under the tree, its like magic.  This year Kolton was still to little to open his own presents so I got to open mine and his.  I love ripping the paper.
 I was so excited about my new leap pad!
 Kolton watched me open all the presents.  He switched from Papou to. . .
 These were all of Koltons gifts, he must have been good this year.
 These were just some of mine, if you look close you can see the pile of new clothes.  I love new clothes.
 We had an Elf on the Shelf this year, I named him Josh, after my uncle.  He was so silly, every morning he would be in a new place in the house, he even made himself a marshmallow bath.  I knew I couldn't touch Josh because then his magic would disappear and I didn't want that to happen. My Mommy said that Josh was going to go back to the north pole until next year but that Santa had put his magic on hold so I could say goodbye.  I sure miss that silly elf.

On Christmas morning I woke up to MORE presents under the tree and the best of all was the wagon I asked Santa for.  Uncle Josh even came over for breakfast and to watch me open the presents.

 I love my new wagon, I can't wait until spring when Mommy and Daddy can pull me around outside.

I hope everyone had as good of a Christmas as I did.

Winter Activities with the Family 2012

Before Christmas my Morzelewski Aunts, Uncles and Cousins all got together and went on a carriage ride at the Homestead up in Heber.  At the end of the ride we were at Santa's Workshop and I got to tell him what I wanted for Christmas.  It was so fun, we sang Christmas songs and laughed during the entire ride.

All the Morzelewski cousins
 Me with my Mommy, Daddy and Kolton.  We were all bundled up to stay warm.
 Here I am with Santa!
 On another night there was a live nativity that Nana and Papou came with us to go see.  I got to feed a goat, they also had a camel, sheep and a donkey there too.

 We went to go see the Zoo Lights with some friends, it was FREEZING!! I stayed in the stroller most of the time all bundled in my hat, coat, gloves and blankets.  Mommy got a few pictures of some of the lights. It was fun, but I don't know if I'd go back.

 My Mommy, Daddy and Nana went to the mall so Kolton and I could see Santa.  I didn't want to sit on his lap but Kolton did.  Look at my little brothers smile, he's so cute.
 My Mommy's greek cousins get together for lunch, dinner, movies etc, well for December they decided to decorate ginger bread houses.  They all came to my house one Sunday afternoon, we ate a little bit and then the competition was on.  There was all sorts of candy, frosting and sprinkles, you name it we had it.

This is my ginger bread house, my Mommy helped decorate it.
 I had so much fun, I hope we do it again next year.
 The last thing we did before Christmas was go and see the lights down at Temple Square, Nana and Papou came with us.  I have so much fun with my Nana.
 This was my favorite light.
 Kolton was asleep through most of it but I had fun.
We went to CPK for dinner after we were done seeing the lights.  Kolton woke up and was lovin some Papou time.
 We had so much fun over the holidays, next year will be even better because Kolton will be bigger.  I really love all the family things we do together.

Thanksgiving 2012

This year for Thanksgiving we went to my Uncle Clark and Aunt Christine's house to have dinner with the Morzelewski family. I ate much better this year then last year and it was really good.  After dinner and playing with my cousins we went over to Nana and Papou's for dessert and to help them decorate for Christmas.  Its a tradition to put up our Christmas Tree on Thanksgiving, mommy says they've done that ever since she was little.  Nana had a big surprise for me when we got there, more on that later.

Mommy wanted to get some pictures of Daddy me and Kolton before we left for dinner.  Here is Daddy and Kolton.  I think Kolton was distracted by me for this picture. 

I loved my dress and my silly smile!
 Everyone tells me I look like Daddy, so Mommy wanted to have all our faces close together.
 Mommy didn't get any pictures at dinner but she did for the decorating.  The surprise Nana had for me was to help her put out her Krinkle Clauses, they are colorful Santas that she collects, but that wasn't the big surprise. The big surprise was that we had a snow fight in the house, don't worry it was fake snow, but man did it make such a mess.  It was so much fun!  I love my Nana.
 Nana made it snow on me.
 Look at the mess we made.
 Kolton and Papou were looking at the big mess.  I think they wanted to have a snow fight too.
 When all the snow was out of the bag it was time to clean up.  The snow stuck to my hair so Daddy decided to tip my upside down to see if it would fall to the ground, some of it did but not all of it.  He's so silly.
 Kolton loves Papou, he liked playing with toy turkey.
 Kolton, Papou and me, say CHEESE!!
 Kolton fell asleep at Nana and Papou's, he had a busy day.
 Usually we put up our tree on Thanksgiving too, but we got home so late that Mommy and Daddy decided to do it the next day.  I love looking at all the pretty lights.
 Kolton and I would laydown and I would show him the lights and the ornaments I got to put on.  I can't wait until Christmas.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

First time iceskating and Winter Fun 2012

I went iceskating for the very first time this winter, and it was so FUN!! To be honest I didn't really know what it was and when my Daddy started putting on these funny shoes I really didn't know what to expect.  That changed really fast once my Daddy took me on the ice.

 We went so fast it was amazing!

 One day while Daddy was at work it snowed so much.  Mommy said I had to wait until Kolton took his nap to go play in it.  So while I patiently waited we built a fort.  We played in it and had snacks.

 Then finally Kolton went down for his nap and it was time for me to go play in all the snow!
 I mostly loved eating it but my Mommy made a snowman.

 The snow got so deep I had a hard time walking in it, mom had to lift me into the snow.

 This is me and my cousin Payton playing in the snow before Sunday dinner.  We matched in our purple snow suits.